San Nicola...
A Cut Above

All SAN NICOLA Ham is a natural product, made from only the best Italian pork, without preservatives, nitrates or any chemicals at all, with only the addition of sea salt. They do not contain gluten and lactose, and can be eaten by people intolerant. During the long process of curing, the scents, flavors, and delicacy of the savory taste blend and harmonize smoothly to make SAN NICOLA Ham a masterpiece of charcuterie, appreciated in the best restaurants around the world.

Products in focus

Prosciutteria del Sole con osso
San Nicola etichetta classica con osso
San Nicola with bone 24 months
San Nicola with bone 20 months



Come and visit us from January 26th to 30th at Sirha 2019 show, booth no.2.1M30,  hall 2.1. Don't miss out!

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